Autistic BigBro is Still Open, and Won’t be Closing Anytime Soon

Okay, so maybe I have been busy here in Ilocos, in the northern part of the Philippines, where I am currently employed as part of a community-based rehabilitation team here, and I have been struggling to add content here in this blog, but that does not mean I have abandoned my mission as your BigBro here. It just so happens that real life is much more fun than online, and that is what I have learned from being in the grassroots level, 400 kilometers away from the elitist “advocacy” groups out there.

Speaking of which, just a few hours ago, someone who used to be a colleague of mine from one of those groups wanted me to take down Autistic BigBro and stop talking negative stuff about that particular group, threatening to take me off their Facebook friends list. Of course, it went through a very long discussion, until I had had enough of their nonsense and said “No,” all which unfortunately ended in Internet drama and them taking me off their Facebook friends list.

Here is the deal: I may be busy, but that doesn’t mean that I have given up the fight. I am your BigBro, and I will go through all the ends of the Earth just to stand up for what is right for us. As long as there is something that we must stand up to, I will not hesitate doing so – even it it means “losing” (which is trivial compared to the gain that will be gained in the long run).

Just making my point known. Until then, cheerio.

Autistic BigBro


Happy New Year!


Well, 2013’s about to end, and it has been plenty of ups and downs in the life of your favorite self-advocate, the Autistic BigBro, in reality and online.

But hey, it’s pretty fulfilling!

Well, let’s have a quick wrap-up of what’s hot and what’s not in my advocacy life:

What’s Hot

  • Live-blogging two major autism events (Angels Walk and the Philippine National Autism Conference)
  • Attending different workshops, seminars, and conferences that had helped equipped yours truly with what I need to further the cause
  • Connecting with fellow autistics and potential autistic self-advocates here and abroad, in real life and online
  • Having spoken before students about the awesomeness of autism

What’s Not

  • Having to witness the bigotry and hypocrisy of some people and groups claiming to advocate for autism
  • Standing up to those who undermine my advocacy and the voice I use to uphold it
  • The division of the autism community on different matters that affect people on the spectrum

As we look up to a new year, I am looking forward to strengthen my advocacy and my role as your favorite Autistic BigBro, as this blog turns one year old three days later.

Happy New Year to everybody!

Person-First vs Identity-First: Debates

While I’m currently doing a feature on our Awesome of the Month for November (which will come out on December), let’s have a quick break from Team Awesomeness, and deal with one unresolved issue in the autism community: the debate on person-first and identity-first language.

As I have already iterated in my post titled Person-First vs Identity-First: Propose Before You Impose, while person-first language (“person with autism”) is something many advocates, specifically parents and professionals, impose on society, identity-first language (“autistic person”) is preferred by many individuals on the autism spectrum. I have hit a perfecta of points on the previous post, and before reading further, I urge you to read the aforementioned post prior to going further. If you have, though, and you understand what I meant, please proceed.

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Not for me, but for my people. My fellow Filipinos.

It has been days since Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has struck the Philippines, and while my family has been fortunate that we all have managed to survive numerous disasters, other families in the Visayas region weren’t fortunate to even make it throughout.

I have been constantly hearing, reading, and watching news stories of the plight of my fellow countrymen in places such as Leyte, Cebu, Bohol (which had also been struck lately by a huge earthquake), and other places in the Visayas. I could see the havoc that Yolanda had wreaked onto these islands, and.

This morning, I woke up to a very saddening news from a fellow member of the Autism Society Philippines. The death of Lorenzo, one of my fellow awesomes in Ormoc, Leyte, during the wake of the storm, made me cry on my bed. And this midnight, upon seeing the plight of my fellow people, with them running out of basic necessities, others resorting to looting just to survive, bodies of the dead scattered everywhere, and the very limitations of providing aid, I could not help but shed tears and be fearful of our future. The future of my brothers, the future of my family, the future of my people.

You guys might have already known the extent of the damage on the news, on the Internet, and even through word of mouth. I hope those photos, accounts, and stories were more than enough for you to understand that we need help.

Set aside politics, disputes, and all that bickering for later. Right now, as a Filipino, an autistic self-advocate, and a BigBro, I am calling all my fellow self-advocates around the world and here who are still safe to please help my people. Your words can help, but so can your donations and aid in kind.

Please help us. Please help my country.

God bless everyone.

Autistic BigBro

The Adventures of Autistic BigBro: OMG! The Pacers!

NBA Cares memorabilia with autographs from Ian Mahinmi, Ron Harper, and Jalen Rose.
NBA Cares memorabilia with autographs from Ian Mahinmi, Ron Harper, and Jalen Rose.

Like, oh, my God. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy!

Anyway, here’s a round-up of today’s Autistic BigBro Adventures:

  • I, together with a few fellows, have been given the opportunity to be face-to-face with the NBA’s all-stars.
  • We were all expecting the Knights Rockets, but we’ve got the Pacers. But hey, those are the Pacers. And they rock!
  • We’ve got to meet Roy Hibbert, Ian Mahinmi, Jalen Rose, and Ron Harper in the flesh. And boy, they are giants!
  • I got to wear two hats at the MOA Arena: the BigBro hat and the Pacer fanboy hat.
  • It isn’t everyday I get to step in the MOA Arena. But I don’t think I’ll meet a Pacer or any other NBA player in a very long while–at least for the time being.

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