[APRIL FOOLS] I am sorry.

For more than three years, I have been airing my voice as a young autistic adult who sees his fellows on the autism spectrum, as well as those with other disabilities, as his brothers and sisters.

These three years have been a great burden for me, and I would just like to say this just to get rid of the pain and the suffering I have had.

I am sorry.

Image description: Cat with sad eyes, "I'm sorry" written below the image
Image description: Cat with sad eyes, “I’m sorry” written below the image

I am sorry that I have offended parents who do not trust their children to speak for themselves.

I am sorry that I called the causes of parent- and professional-led autism advocacy groups as “hypocrisy” and “bigotry.”

I am sorry that I urged my non-verbal counterparts to fight for their rights as humans.

I am sorry for the accusations and exposures I have made — I simply did that because I was bitter and can’t move on.

I am sorry for bashing Autism Speaks, Autism Society Philippines, Autism Hearts Foundation, and other autism advocacy groups.

I am sorry that I opened my mouth, or even touched my keyboard, in the first place.

I do not know what I have to do to receive your forgiveness. Maybe I should close this blog for good? Oh, yes. I will no longer post anything in this blog. I will have to close this down.

Please accept my apologies. Bless you.

Until then, cheerio.

Autistic BigBro

Image description: Text written: "Sorry, I'm not sorry"
Image description: Text written: “Sorry, I’m not sorry”

Wait a second, who am I kidding?

Happy April Fools’ Day!


[APRIL FOOLS] Autistic BigBro Named Spokesperson for Autism Speaks in Asia & the Pacific

Autism Speaks Awareness Pack (ASAP)
The Autism Speaks Awareness Pack (ASAP). Click the image to download.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (1 April 2014): The leading voice of self-advocacy in the Philippines is expected to have a change of heart this year, as it has confirmed today that it is Asia’s official representative of America’s biggest autism organization.

BigBroBlogs LLC, the Philippines-based holding company of the Autistic BigBro blog, and Autism Speaks Inc., based on Washington, DC,  has signed a memorandum of understanding at an undisclosed location, naming blogger and autistic self-advocate Gerard Joseph Atienza as Autism Speaks’s Official Mouthpiece for Asia and the Pacific.

Under the terms of the agreement, in exchange for increased traffic, online revenue, and concessions for travel and everyday expenses, Mr Atienza will refrain from publishing blog posts that do the following: undermine the agenda of Autism Speaks; promote autistic acceptance and self-advocacy; and empower parents, professionals, and autistics; practices that the Autistic BigBro blog has been known to consistently apply to every blog post. Instead, blog posts will deal on the new 3EAs campaign of Autism Speaks: Eradication of Autism, the Exclusion of Autistics, and Extermination of Autistics.

In addition, in observance of Autism Speaks’s Light It Up Blue campaign, the site will be required to switch from its black-and-white theme, a normally accessible theme, to hues of blue, despite it being overbearing to many persons with autism.

To celebrate this change, Autistic BigBro is launching the Autism Speaks Awareness Pack (ASAP), a comprehensive toolkit of links that aim to give the public more than ample information on Autism Speaks and what it has been doing since its inception.

When asked about this latest development, Mr Atienza said: “This would be a great chance to promote the agenda of Autism Speaks both at home and in the Asian region. We believe in second chances, and I thank Autism Speaks for this chance to be their ambassador for their propaganda.”

Connie Linguis, Propaganda Agent for Autism Speaks, said: “We are proud to have Gerard as our Official Mouthpiece. Now we can connect with persons with autism, them whom we serve yet with whom we are alienated. This is a great chance to reach out to them and spread our cure-based perspectives for autism.”

BigBroBlogs LLC is the holding company who owns and maintains the Autistic BigBro blog and its associated social networks. Mr Atienza is its Proprietor and Chief Blogger.

Oh, and by the way, Happy April Fool’s Day.

There’s no way I’m ever going to support those hypocritical bigots and their eugenic and fear-mongering propaganda.