Autistic BigBro is Still Open, and Won’t be Closing Anytime Soon

Okay, so maybe I have been busy here in Ilocos, in the northern part of the Philippines, where I am currently employed as part of a community-based rehabilitation team here, and I have been struggling to add content here in this blog, but that does not mean I have abandoned my mission as your BigBro here. It just so happens that real life is much more fun than online, and that is what I have learned from being in the grassroots level, 400 kilometers away from the elitist “advocacy” groups out there.

Speaking of which, just a few hours ago, someone who used to be a colleague of mine from one of those groups wanted me to take down Autistic BigBro and stop talking negative stuff about that particular group, threatening to take me off their Facebook friends list. Of course, it went through a very long discussion, until I had had enough of their nonsense and said “No,” all which unfortunately ended in Internet drama and them taking me off their Facebook friends list.

Here is the deal: I may be busy, but that doesn’t mean that I have given up the fight. I am your BigBro, and I will go through all the ends of the Earth just to stand up for what is right for us. As long as there is something that we must stand up to, I will not hesitate doing so – even it it means “losing” (which is trivial compared to the gain that will be gained in the long run).

Just making my point known. Until then, cheerio.

Autistic BigBro

One thought on “Autistic BigBro is Still Open, and Won’t be Closing Anytime Soon

  1. Good BigBro….
    Struggling too, boring next to yours- challenge
    Non the less. Hope you like the music it helps me. From nobody special yet making the painful effort in trying to find a plug in outlet somewhere in this world of continued rejection.
    Having a Timothy Green day- hope you do too!

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