Everything About Us and For Us Has to Be With Us and By Us

It’s been a long time since I have posted something here, since I have to look for and make some money to help finance both my personal needs and my cause. Yes, that is right — I am looking for a real job, a job where I am actually good at. Well, there are some jobs that I would really hate to come back to, but would have to when I have no other choice.

Anyway, I am still hanging in, and giving some things a last shot before I come up with a resolve. After all, some things deserve a final chance, even if you’ve given them plenty of chances even to breaking point. Let’s see what happens.

I have noticed, and therefore learned, that many in the autism community (particularly parents, families, and professionals) do not take critical or straightforward approaches in advocacy, approaches used commonly by many autistic self-advocates I have come across. Yes, there is definitely room for improvement in the autism community, and it is the duty of every autistic individual, who are being served and guided by their families, teachers, doctors, and other support people around them, to be part of the society to where they belong in the first place.

I tried, with limited success, to be honest and straightforward with my messages. Some understood what I meant, others have to be pushed a little more, and yet a few are difficult to get by. The primary criticism I receive is “You are so negative; we want something positive.”

In response to said criticism, I would like to present a different approach to a long-used slogan used in the disability community promoting self-advocacy.

Everything About Us and For Us Has to Be With Us and By Us.

Everything. As if this alone fails to make a point, let me say it — policies, laws, issues, activities, discussions, events, programs, practically everything that is done, spoken, taught, or even thought.

About Us. Anything that concerns and has something to do with us, our well-being, and our roles in society.

For Us. Anything that is thought or done with us in mind.

Has to Be. It is an urgent matter, something that needs to be taken very seriously.

With Us. We have to be part of everything that has to do with anything that concerns us — from planning to assessment. In other words, from start to finish.

By Us. We need everyone to allow us to start anything that concern us ourselves. Of course, we, like everyone else, may need all the help we can get, but allow us to be in all lines, from the limelight to behind the scenes.

It’s typically a more positive approach to “Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us,” the more popular battle-cry among many self-advocates in pushing the fact that no policy or activity should be done by anyone without the full participation of the people to whom that policy or activity is directed.

In other words, people with disabilities (mobility, orthopedic, sensory, developmental, intellectual, psychosocial, etc.) have to involve themselves and be involved in all things that concerns them.

Speaking of which, I am about to be past the standard age of youth. That means, I have little time left before I speak out as a youth leader. So, I’ll take advantage of everything I have got, and hopefully, before I turn thirty years old, I have fully established myself in terms of practically everything.

I am continuing my BigBro Parables anytime this month, when the time allows. Until then, cheerio.

Autistic BigBro

One thought on “Everything About Us and For Us Has to Be With Us and By Us

  1. Savants, what are those of us who are not really smart supposed to make it? If you don’t fit in the square or round peg hole then what?
    Many of us are isolated without support function in sink or swim mode. It is beyond hard it’s like talking water up hill. My deal is to stay free of the bad programming (dog training). Look what today’s programming is doing to neurotypicals? Sad don’t you think?Plus the fact of being wired different we tend to cut through the pretense of NTs. Peeping in their meters and being able to read their mail creeps them out. They forget we as non-neurotypicals compensate just like the blind and deaf do.
    We pick up wave links others only dream about. So how to do this? It’s a ding dang dong query surely. I though about slamming my head in a door but found the idea painful looking around here for more productive tools, what say you?
    Have cried out before, leave you alone now don’t want to bug you.
    Thinking maybe I’m yet again not smart enough for this group either, could you think of a better fit for me I’m open and much appreciated.
    Thankful and hopeful,

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