Happy New Year!


Well, 2013’s about to end, and it has been plenty of ups and downs in the life of your favorite self-advocate, the Autistic BigBro, in reality and online.

But hey, it’s pretty fulfilling!

Well, let’s have a quick wrap-up of what’s hot and what’s not in my advocacy life:

What’s Hot

  • Live-blogging two major autism events (Angels Walk and the Philippine National Autism Conference)
  • Attending different workshops, seminars, and conferences that had helped equipped yours truly with what I need to further the cause
  • Connecting with fellow autistics and potential autistic self-advocates here and abroad, in real life and online
  • Having spoken before students about the awesomeness of autism

What’s Not

  • Having to witness the bigotry and hypocrisy of some people and groups claiming to advocate for autism
  • Standing up to those who undermine my advocacy and the voice I use to uphold it
  • The division of the autism community on different matters that affect people on the spectrum

As we look up to a new year, I am looking forward to strengthen my advocacy and my role as your favorite Autistic BigBro, as this blog turns one year old three days later.

Happy New Year to everybody!

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