The Credo of Team Awesomeness

bigbro-teamawesomenessI have drafted this statement as part of my dream of forming a family of autistic self-advocates in the Philippines. This posted credo is a simplified version of the credo I originally created. To view the full credo, download The Credo of Team Awesomeness on PDF. Enjoy.

To be an autistic self-advocate is an important skill, something you and
every one of us must learn. You want to be part of a big group of
achievers, but you must also know your rights and duties. Since the
majority sees you as “silent,” it is high time you show them otherwise.

Autism is not a burden to you. Rather, it is a set of challenges and goals
we need to face. As a self-advocate, you should be able to empower,
enable, and inspire other autistics like you to be part of society. That
should be your main goal. We’re all in this together now. Take full
ownership of your autism. Some people may say that we are a small
minority, but you have to stand up to those who belittle us. You should
embrace your humanity, and so should they. A true self-advocate does
not, however, need to step on others. You have responsibilities to
everyone around you. Exert some effort to give back to society. And
since you want to be part of society, show that you belong. Work and
strive to be the best that you can, and reach out to those in need.

Reiterating what I just said, I do believe that we autistics are capable
of advocating for themselves and for each other and showing the great
camaraderie we have. It may be a long shot, but we’re getting there, so
keep in mind that as part of this team, talk about things that affect
significant aspects of your life, but still give back to the community.

We are many. We are one. Team Awesomeness enables and connects
autistics from all walks of life. We want a world of acceptance. We must
rule out every bit of negativity and stereotypes about what we are. And
because connecting with each other is important, whenever you can,
we who can do so must make the first move. Someday, I hope you guys
can join me in this awesome team.

Team Awesomeness.
Team Awesomeness. One day, we will all unite.

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