Team Awesomeness: About Awesome of the Month


As what I have stated in my previous post, and as part of my Team Awesomeness campaign, I am launching a special section of Autistic BigBro called Awesome of the Month, where I will be featuring one fellow autistic individual and their story of awesomeness in their field.

Here’s how it works: Basically, I will be choosing whom to feature (based on their achievements for the month), and I will be interviewing them one-on-one, whether in person or through online means. At the end of each month, I will be writing a story on that awesome guy or gal, and how they achieve despite who they are or what they have: living with autism and being autistic.

Team Awesomeness is a way of my service to the autism community: to showcase the best of autism, and the achievers behind that best. Also, it is a way of celebrating the first year of Autistic BigBro‘s online presence. (Oh, so it’s been a year! Hah! I couldn’t believe it lasted this long! :P)

Because being autistic is awesome.

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