I’m Back: And a Lot of Stuff on My Table

Anyway, I’m back, and I’ve got a lot of work on my table, including things I wished I didn’t take.

You might ask, “Why has it been a long time since you posted something?” Well, I’ve been highly occupied since this June. And I think I lost a lot more than whatever I earned and learned, all within three months in a place that treated me and my colleagues like total trash. Well, good riddance. I’ll expound more on that later.

Here’s the deal: I’ve got the following tasks to do:

  • Seven workshop activities and three insight papers in my Education class;
  • A website, a brochure, and a poster for the ASEAN Autism Network;
  • A series of video materials for ASP National’s upcoming national conference;
  • A cosplay convention, a Valentines’ dinner party, and a regional conference for ASP Bacoor;
  • Job hunting; and
  • Time with family.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’d be able to pull all these off, especially the first, second, and the fourth items. The school assignments have been under my butt since I had been in that blasted… oh, forget that.

Whew, Good bloody luck.


Anyway, for a quick pick at The Adventures of Autistic BigBro.

Like I’ve said, I was in a hiatus for a long time, but not before I had been in a summer camp, a dance workshop (a factoid: I realized that even if I suck at dancing, I do well at improv), and a teaching stint. The latter, however, didn’t go well.

Next up: I have an exclusive pass (together with other ASP members) to meet the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets this lunch at the MOA Arena before they play tomorrow at their NBA pre-season games. Ooh, Jeremy Lin on the house! So excited!


13th Philippine National Autism Conference: HOPE FOR And speaking of excited, I am excited for the upcoming 2013 National Autism Conference on 26-27 October 2013 at the MERALCO Multi-Purpose Hall, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.

According to the conference’s official website, the conference “braves questions on the integration and acceptance of individuals with autism in Philippine society — in education, law, media, and employment, among others. The latest updates in medicine, pharmacology, and therapy will be presented by respected experts from the Philippines and the United States and the ASEAN [region].”

Among the topics that will be discussed is stem-cell therapy and its role as an autism “treatment,” a topic which many autistic self-advocates (including myself) consider as highly controversial. I would keep my ears open about it, and I’ve got a lot of questions I want answered. Let me know if you guys have questions, so I can ask them for you when I’m there.

Details about the conference, as well as on how to register, are at philnac2013.wordpress.com.

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