B-WEAR! This Is It!


2 April 2013 it is. At least it is in my place, as it is eastward, but pretty soon, it will be in other places in the world.

Well, I have received comments regarding the tone of my statements concerning the campaign for World Autism Awareness Day and the bigotry and hypocrisy of Autism Speaks in hijacking this UN-mandated event. Some noted the confrontational and in-your-face manner I have been using as I am promoting the truth about Autism Speaks and their bigoted, fraudulent, and inhuman manner of dealing with autism and individuals on the spectrum. Some others are even criticizing that, despite my disclaimer, they are in danger of being dragged into potential repercussions of me engaging against the frauds, and are asking me to reconsider how I attack the negativity and hypocrisy that Autism Speaks continues to propagate. Such entities are even offering me to showcase my achievements (which I continue to do through different channels), and proving that the negative agenda of Autism Speaks is false through affirmative action.

I listen to comments, and I definitely appreciate the feedback that are given concerning the advocacy that I have been doing, considering the dedication I have with autistic self-advocacy. I will seriously consider changing the tone of my posts in the future.

But for now, let the battle continue.ย  The battle for genuine advocacy that I and other self-advocates are doing.

As a matter of fact, I have been receiving bad news lately from the online self-advocacy community. Amanda Baggs, one of my idols in self-advocacy and a non-speaking autistic self-advocate, is in the hospital, yet some charlatans are hijacking her into pulling out of a life-saving procedure (which, clearly, is medical malpractice). More about this on item 4 of this post. Said post also highlights ways on helping out this April, including participation in such events by self-advocates like B-WEAR.


This is it! BEWARE and B-WEAR! Don’t forget to support genuine advocacy, transparency, and inclusion with B-WEAR and other WAAD counter-events! While at it, you might want to subscribe to these social networks for updates:


A campaign in black and white. A campaign to beware.


6 thoughts on “B-WEAR! This Is It!

  1. Well done for speaking out! I’ve just seen some of those Twitter comments myself. I think it’s worth noting that the “we need unity” argument is almost always used to silence people with your point of view, never pro-Autism-Speaks people. The “united voice” they’re demanding is Autism Speaks’ voice; it’s a way of saying “sit down and shut up, I say we’re united so you can’t dissent”. Urgh. D:

    1. Thanks. I definitely agree. I had refused to shut up. That Twitter conversation really was something, and considering it came from another advocate is way beyond me.

      Well, I won’t be surprised if those connards attempt to shut us up. As long as they and their bigoted and eugenic agenda exist, no one’s going to stop us down. Aja! ๐Ÿ˜€

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