Autism Speaks, I Want to Say: A Flash Blog

Autistics Against Autism Speaks
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Autism Speaks, I want to say that you suck, and that you deserve a kick in the ass.

Shocked? Yes, I mean it, you bigots, and I am sure my brothers and sisters in the autism spectrum and the entire disability rights community think the same way and will want to say the same words as I just did.

I normally don’t go to lower levels, what with my upbringing by parents who raised me to be a better and functional person, but at this rate, I really want to let it all out and say what I really mean.

I got some questions for you, and I don’t want you to answer them. I just want to you to know how you look like to me and my fellow autistics.

When will you stop being bigots and not produce videos that insult our existence, calling us “sub-human” and “tragedies”?

When will you stop being liars and not defraud people through deliberate misinformation?

When will you stop being hypocrites and stop claiming you speak for autistic individuals when you really don’t?

When will you stop gagging self-advocates who criticize your eugenic and ableist messages?

When will you stop acting like scam artists and not use fear- and paranoia-mongering to extort money from individuals and corporations?

I am not hoping you will include us in your agenda, because we don’t want to be part of it — your eugenic, ableist, and for-profit agenda.

Beware, Autism Speaks. You talk too much. Autistic individuals, as well as all disability rights groups all around the world, will rejoice at your demise, thanks to your greed and bigotry. If that happens, you brought it upon yourself.

We autistics are not tragedies, Autism Speaks. You are the tragedy.

That’s all I want to say, Autism Speaks. You suck.

Up yours,

Autistic BigBro


This post was written for the Autism Speaks: I Want to Say flash blog, a campaign that remonstrates against the bigoted agenda of Autism Speaks when they used augmentative and alternative communication, a tool used by individuals who have difficulties in verbal communication, against autistic individuals. For similar posts, go to


World Autism Awareness Day is coming! BEWARE and B-WEAR! Be not fooled by the advertising campaign masquerading as an “awareness campaign” launched by the freeloading bigots known as Autism Speaks. Instead, join real advocacy and acceptance campaigns, organized by autistics and people who support and love them. Subscribe to Autistic BigBro‘s social networks for updates and how you can be part of these genuine campaigns:

A campaign in black and white. A campaign to beware.


2 thoughts on “Autism Speaks, I Want to Say: A Flash Blog

  1. I for one agree. As a mother of a son with autism, I celebrate his awesomeness and uniqueness. Autism speaks does not celebrate individuals with autism. And, they do not provide the latest info on what we are discovering with autism, there is PANDAS, autoimmunity, many have illnesses like lyme disease, mycoplasma, viruses and lyme co-infections, and certain genetic mutations like MTHFR are extremely common in autistic people, and many other things. They do a very poor job and are a sham.

    1. I totally agree with you on that premise. And it is saddening that their bigotry is louder than what they actually do for the autism community. How does America put up with these kinds of people, I wonder.

      My regards to your son, hope he’s doing a-okay! 😀

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