04.02.2013. BEWARE. B-WEAR.


In my post here on Autistic BigBro titled Beware., not only did I express my personal distaste for the abomination known as Autism Speaks, but I also exposed the fraudulent, eugenic, and bigoted con artists that they really are.

And now, they are at it again.

Six years ago, the General Assembly of the United Nations, with the initiative of the State of Qatar, passed Resolution 62/139, designating the second day of April as World Autism Awareness Day. It was meant to raise awareness of autism in all levels of society, and allows the “participation of UN organizations, member states, non-government organizations, and all private & public organizations in WAAD” activities.

Unsurprisingly and appallingly, the bigots at Autism Speaks are taking advantage of this UN-mandated celebration and taking it as their own. In order to extort more money to fund their eugenic agenda aimed at the very individuals they claim to “speak” for, they instituted the so-called “Light It Up Blue” event, where they attempt to overstimulate autistics by doping every gullible soul on earth to turn on their blue lights.

Autism Speaks is known to silence self-advocates who speak against them, even going so far as to threatening them with lawsuits. (Thank goodness I hadn’t been ordered to shut up yet — but the more they try to shut me up, the louder the noises I will make.) By posing as “advocates,” they are finding ways to eliminate autism from the human genome and exterminate those on the spectrum, ranging from the unborn to the adult population. Plus, as what has already been exposed, they are one of the most corrupt non-government organizations on Earth.

To stand up to their nonsense, as well as to promote genuine advocacy, transparency, and inclusion, the antitheses of the values of Autism Speaks, Autistic BigBro is initiating a campaign to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day.

A campaign in black and white. A campaign to beware.


11 thoughts on “04.02.2013. BEWARE. B-WEAR.

    1. Thank you! I just realized I am not alone in defying Autism Speaks as they hijack a UN-mandated celebration. I’ll do my part of the deal and share your campaign to my networks. All the best!

  1. Tone it Down Taupe is also a thing, I’ve heard about Light It Up Orange as a thing, some folks are doing Autism Acceptance Day/Month… There’s a lot of things. I’m hanging out in Tone It Down Taupe and Autism Acceptance (toneitdowntaupe.tumblr.com and autismacceptanceday.blogspot.com) and I am one of the moderators for allism-speaks.tumblr.com, which is toning it down taupe because yeah…

    1. I am starting to see a diversity of campaigns to celebrate the awesomeness of autistic individuals, organized by autistic individuals themselves. As I’ve told Kassiane, the subtlety is very pleasing yet hits the bull’s eye. Kudos to that!

    1. Wow! Isn’t this fun? Seeing this and the ways autistic people are coming up with to to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day is really inspiring. Plus the subtlety of your campaign, as I see it, really hits it in the bull’s eye. Way to go! 😀

    1. I agree. They have this choke-hold on many societies, including our own. It takes unity among us to break down through the bigotry and deception Autism Speaks is proliferating, and now is the time to do so.

      1. What we all need at the moment is one direction — a common cause. We may have our respective needs in our respective countries, but our actions have to say one single message, no matter where we may be.

      2. have a talent for learning languages. I currently am up to par in three of them. If I practiced on one more I know that would be four. I have another in which I know a little, and more to learn. I think this never would have happened if my brain were wired in the same way as everyone else’s. While they wanted to go out and party and get drunk (yuk), I wanted to learn my languages…

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