Autistic BigBro Needs Your Help

Hello, everybody!

This April, I was chosen to be part of the Philippine contingent to the ASEAN Autism Congress on 25-30 April 2013 at Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB), Brunei Darussalam. Together with a few of my fellow self-advocates, this event would give Filipinos with autism a representation in the Southeast Asian cultural and social sphere.

While food and accommodation will be shouldered by the organizers, all of us delegates would have to shoulder our own travel expenses (specifically air travel). Altogether, it would cost each of us an average of PhP20,000 (US$ 499.99) As much as I would love to be there at the Congress in BSB, my resources are very limited, since I am still a student and my parents cannot afford the fare from Manila to BSB and vice versa.

In this regard, I would like to ask for your help. By taking some time out of your busy schedule and donating whatever you may, you help promote autism advocacy by someone who is autistic himself. After all, it takes one to know one, and nothing speaks about autism more than an autistic themselves, right?

You can donate through this page, or if you are based in the Philippines, you can deposit your donation through this bank account:

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account Number: 8706593915

Account Name: Gerard Joseph Andrew C. Atienza

Help a Filipino autistic self-advocate like me represent my fellow autistics to Brunei at the ASEAN Autism Congress. Your donations would be much appreciated! Thanks much!

Autistic BigBro

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