#BigBroAngelsWalk Recap, Plus Some “Untweeted” Updates

Gang Green! Photo courtesy of Autism Society Philippines.
Gang Green! The sea of autists, parents, teachers, and all Angels who joined the Angels Walk for Autism at the Mall of Asia. Photo courtesy of Autism Society Philippines.

Hello, everybody!

Apologies for the long wait, since I had been highly knackered and feeling lazy for the past few days (I admit, the weekend had been fully loaded, so it’d be a given). But allow me to give you a full update on what went on and what’s hot during the 2013 Angels Walk for Autism at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Philippines.

Like promised, I organized live tweeting that aims to update everyone on what happens live at the event, starting from our travels to the end of the event.

Thanks to Storify, I was able to compile all tweets during the #BigBroAngelsWalk tweet marathon, and here they are.

  1. I’m on my way to our meeting point for the convoy en route to #AngelsWalk. The show starts at round 8am #BigBroAngelsWalk
  2. The contingent groups are here. We’re leaving the meeting place and drive away to @TheMallofAsia. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  3. Well, it’s 7:00am. We’re on our way to @TheMallofAsia with the entire contingency of Cavite. See you for #BigBroAngelsWalk!
  4. On the road, and on the way @TheMallofAsia. What’s in store for everybody? I’m so in the lookout for something surprising. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  5. I can’t really clock how many are at @TheMallofAsia, but it’s a huge crowd. The show’s starting shortly. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  6. First salvo will be warm-up exercises, which will begin shortly. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  7. The program has started. Bien Mateo of SM and Jan Peña has just finished opening, and the Dream Girls sing. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  8. In case I might have missed out, Jan Peña is the Natl President of @autismphils. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  9. The crowd at @TheMallofAsia Music Hall is getting even bigger at @autismphils Angels Walk. Go Gang Green!Go Autism Angels! #BigBroAngelsWalk
  10. DSWD Usec Mateo Montaño delivers a message of inspiration to the Angels present @TheMallofAsia. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  11. Angels Walk for Autism is the opening of the 17th National Autism Consciousness Week on 20-27 January 2013. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  12. Ambassador Daniel Berry of the Australian Embassy speaks @TheMallofAsia at the Angels Walk for Autism. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  13. Rep. Irwin Tieng and Hon. Conrad Castillo speak before parents, teachers, advocates, and autists at the Angels Walk. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  14. Hans Sy and Bien Mateo of SM, Amb. of Australia, and other VIPs make @1pangako. #BigBroAngelsWalk
  15. #BigBroAngelsWalk live tweet is about to end. Performances were had, and guess what? I was PSY! You’ll get to know more about it later. 😀

Of course, there are “untold” stories, happenings that hadn’t been published on the Twitter universe — at least until now.

Okay, here’s the deal. I happened to organize our contingents for our local chapter, and it was a bit kind of tedious to organize a convoy. Well, almost — our vehicle went ahead of the rest of the contingents, as we set foot in the venue, where the sea of green is filling, and in a matter of minutes, the huge Music Hall was filled to the brim of people wearing green.

There were some speeches from the VIPs, among them the Ambassador of Australia to the Philippines, important politicians, and ASP officers, among others. After a huge opening ceremony, where confetti poured all around the venue, the walk started. And boy, while it’d be a breeze to walk, it’s quite a chore to lead the walk. At one point, I got so frustrated, I threatened to go “Gordon Ramsay” all over. By saying that, I attempted to warn people that I’m about to be in a meltdown and therefore lash out, just like the eternally-angry celebrity chef of Hell’s Kitchen fame. Nonetheless…

Oppan Big Bro Style! Nobody believed it was me. I didn’t even believe I could dance. Hahaha. Photo by Gina Bermudo

And there was the talent showcase after the walk. Our chapter leaders happened to be one of them, and for a few seconds, the audience were able to see “PSY” in the flesh — live. Well, not really. Hahaha.

Anyway, here ends our live #BigBroAngelsWalk Twitter coverage of the Angels Walk for Autism. We hope to see you again next year for this huge event, and we hope, in an even more huge place.


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