A New Year It Is

Hello, everybody! This is your Autistic Big Bro again, at your service.

So here I am, having spent the holidays with family, and not so much with friends, of which I only have a handful. Pretty standard for me, considering I haven’t gone out as much as I used to for the past few weeks.

Anyway, I could say that 2012 has been an awesome year for me. It was during the start of the year when I was able to showcase myself to the local autism community. Thanks to family friends, I was introduced into the Autism Society Philippines (ASP) and brought me back to the things I used to love, but turned my back on due to ostracism. It was also during this year that I got to interact with my fellows and their parents on a regular basis, to the point that some parents, and even other autistics, regard me as a “big brother,” who served as their inspiration and hope.

That, for me, is a lot for me to take in. Nonetheless, I felt that I was serving my purpose, and that further inspired me to continue my education. As of this moment, I am enrolled at the Philippine Normal University, where I am finishing my Certificate in Teaching program, a requirement for being a licensed schoolteacher. Ideally, I wanted to teach youth with special needs, but that’d entail additional studies for me. In the meantime, I’d be focusing on teaching English, Literature, or History to high-school students as I take up my master’s degree.

It was also a serendipitous affair for me, as I had been chosen to be the board secretary of the ASP local chapter in Bacoor, something for some reason I didn’t hesitate to accept. That helped me reinforce my character as a “big brother” to the autistic community, and yes, the journey still continues.

That was where I was inspired to form this blog. Last year, I formed the blog, “The Autistic Dude in a Neurotypical World,” which focused on my autistic adventures in the world dominated by neurotypical minds. Well, I have decided to close it down, partly due to a lack of a sturdy audience base, but mostly “it’s just not working for me.” And inspired by my exploits playing Big Brother to my fellow autistics, their siblings, my own siblings, and to the community, I have started anew, and expect my continued presence here.

As I start 2013 with a bang, I’d like to welcome you to my adventures being the Autistic Big Bro.


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